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Corn Pudding Casserole

When Jay suggested making this for our Friendsgiving, I said yes to appease him, but I wasn’t that excited.

Of course it was the best side we served. OF COURSE.

So easy, even you rookie Thanksgiving chefs could do it. In fact, do it and tell people it was really, really, really hard.

Credit to Mama Aleta for giving us the recipe!

  • 2 15 oz cans of whole kernel corn
  • 2 15 oz cans of creamed corn
  • 6 tbsp of melted butter
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1 egg
  • 1 box of Jiffy mix
  • Jalapeño, chopped (optional)
  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Whisk both types of corn, butter, milk and eggs together. Mix in the Jiffy with the wet ingredients. If using, fold the chopped jalapeños into the mix.
  3. Transfer to buttered 13×9 dish. Bake for 40-45 minutes, or until golden brown. Tester toothpick inserted into the middle should come out clean!


Dessert Gatherings Holiday Recipes Sides Thanksgiving Vegetarian

Oh, it’s you, Holidays….AGAIN! SO SOON!

The keyword for my Thanksgiving favorites is *traditional*. I’ve done the kicked up stuff. I’ve tried new recipes. And they often come out great. But I still go back to craving things that I grew up eating. After all, it’s only once a year that you get to eat these goodies.

One big reason I revert back to these classics is because they remind me of my grandmother and her sisters. Born and raised in Ashburn, GA, they are the epitome of southern women who throw down in the kitchen- take some of the most basic ingredients, don’t measure a damn thing and create absolute magic. How can you not love that??

My Thanksgiving favorites are macaroni and cheese, stuffing (or dressing as some call it), sweet potato pie and apple cake. I even do weird things like mix my mac and cheese and sweet potatoes. If you like sweet and salty, it is so good. No, I’m not pregnant.

Below you will find links to recipes of these favorites. I’ll also be posting Emily’s vegan chocolate silk pie if she ever give me the recipes. If she hadn’t told me the pie was vegan, I wouldn’t have had any idea.

Yes, there is no meat or veggies on my faves list. If you ever look at my Thanksgiving plate, it is not…balanced. But dammit, it’s the holidays, so take your judgment elsewhere. That being said, we grew up eating Cornish game hens and Honey Baked ham for Thanksgiving, because mom never felt the need to stress over a turkey. And little hens are so CUTE and way more flavorful.

If do you need a great veggie dish, I highly recommend this Brussel Sprouts and Butternut Squash with Bacon Vinaigrette dish. It is SO good. I usually omit the the chestnuts because, what do I look like, Mrs. Claus who just has chestnuts laying around??

We hosted a few friends to test all of our recipes. Instead of making a turkey, Jay roasted two chickens. We woke up the next morning, hungover and so excited for leftovers to find there were NONE. NONE! I wept. And then patted us on the back for a successful dinner.

An appropriately sized bottle of bubbly for one during the holidays.

An appropriately sized bottle of bubbly for one during the holidays.

Tell me, readers, how do you plan to spend your holidays? With four families in four different cities, I always stress about pleasing everyone. This Thanksgiving, we’ll be heading to Atlanta to spend it with my mother. December holidays will be spent with Jay’s families up north. Next year, I’m hoping to start a new tradition where we host Thanksgiving and moms come one year and dads come the next. I think this would be a good way to maintain my sanity and keep the parents relatively happy.

Thanksgiving links are below. Get excited….there will be a latke post for Hanukkah.

Candace’s Bomb Ass Macaroni and Cheese

Southern Stuffing/Dressing

Apple Cake with Easy Caramel Sauce

Sweet Potato Pie

Corn Pudding

Vegan Chocolate Silk Pie (to come)

Dessert Gatherings Recipes Thanksgiving

Fall Apple Cake

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m OBSESSED with apple desserts. I love them. If it’s on a menu, high chance I’m ordering it. Continue Reading

Gatherings Holiday Recipes Sides Thanksgiving Vegetarian

Macaroni and Cheese

I spent years perfecting this macaroni and cheese. Years! And it is just that – perfect.

My three key ingredients: nutmeg, cayenne and a smoked cheese. Nothing crazy, but an ideal combination.

Most baked macaroni and cheeses usually include an egg or two to make it more cohesive. I’ve found that I like my mac like I like my women – loose and cheesy — so no egg here. If you want yours a little tighter, mix in an egg right before baking. Continue Reading

Gatherings Holiday Recipes Sides Thanksgiving Vegetarian

Southern Stuffing/Dressing

Whenever I go to make one of my mom’s recipes, our conversation ALWAYS goes something like this:

“Hey Ma, I need your recipe for x.”

“Hi dear, yes, the ingredients for x are y and z.”

“Great – what about quantities???”

“Ugh, I don’t know. You know I just eyeball everything.”

AND SCENE. Continue Reading

Dessert Gatherings Holiday Thanksgiving

Sweet Potato Pie

I know – buying pie is really easy. The internet has recently lost its mind over a viral video of a guy raving over Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pie.

I’m sure Patti’s pie is delightful – and Lord knows I’m not trying to step on Ms. Patti’s toes —  but if you have 2 hours and some basic ingredients, you can make your own and brag about it. Continue Reading


I’m so sorry, Rose’s Luxury.

If you want to know the full experience of going to Rose’s Luxury, read on. If you just want to know about the food, click here! 

Also, I don’t’ have a lot of pictures.  Jay hates it when I take pics in restaurants (and to be honest, so do I) so I try to get one good one and let it be.

Update: The day after I posted this, Rose’s Luxury announced they will start taking limited reservations for groups of 6 to 8. Let’s pretend this post had something to do with it. 

 I was wrong.

They say people have trouble admitting when they are wrong. I don’t have that issue. I’m wrong A LOT. So I just don’t say it often, because, guys, we don’t have that much time.

But dammit, I was wrong about you, Rose’s Luxury.

Rose’s Luxury is a newish restaurant here in our nation’s capital. It’s received high praise, both from well-renowned food critics and us lowly people who just like to eat. Some great friends of ours bought us a gift certificate to Rose’s Luxury as a wedding present. It was such a wonderful gift and perfect for us. We were stoked.

A setback is that Rose’s Luxury doesn’t take reservations. And it is incredibly popular thanks to word of mouth and stellar reviews. So what does that mean? Continue Reading