About Candace and Eats, Cooks & Drinks

Welcome to Eats, Cooks & Drinks! I’m Candace Armstrong Koman, a 31-year-old woman who has been living in Washington, DC for way longer than I ever imagined I would. I often describe myself as a southern girl with a northern mentality. I’ve been eating and cooking my way through life and have finally decided to start my own space where I can share my kitchen creations and culinary adventures. I’m a cilantro-obsessed carnivorous creature who dabbles in the occasional Meatless Monday.

I’m a lover of mimosas, vodka and Thai food and hater of cucumbers and olives. I’m the kind of girl that will go to town on a fancy, overpriced meal and then two nights later, enthusiastically devour some street meat (#TWSS). In April of 2015, during the week of our birthdays, I married Jason, the love of my life. He recently convinced me to get the sweetest pit mix ever, who we named Rosé (yes, like the wine). Thankfully, he cooks too so we’ll be showing off his skills as well!

My journey has been a little crazy, slightly boring, a bit hungover, a tad cliché, and somewhat messy. But no matter what, it has always been delicious. I look forward to navigating new recipes, restaurants, and adventures and can’t wait to eat, cook, and drink with you!