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Chicken Grilling Recipes

Grilled Mojo Wings

I shouldn’t even write this.

I should keep this Florida girl secret to myself.

Seriously, it’s not even a real recipe.

But you’re here. We’re friends. And friends help each other out. Even when it comes to food cheating.

One bottle, two words: Mojo Criollo.

I think my mother first told me about this magical marinade about 6 years ago. You can use it on anything, but my preferred method is to wake up 20 min before I swore I’d be at the gym, tear open a package of chicken (recent preferred part is thighs), dump it in a bowl, cover it in mojo, pop it in the fridge and then blearily head to the nearest stair master.

(Stair master? Jesus, I really have become my mother).  Continue Reading